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Terms and Conditions 


1. General Provisions

2. Photo shoot

3. Photographer's Performance


1. General Provisions

The provisions under point 1 apply to all offers from Irina Teles Photography.


1.1 Express consent to image capture

The customer hereby gives his/her express consent for photos to be taken from themselves and their animals. He/she acknowledges that this consent is given free of charge.


1.2 Private image use by the customer

The photographs produced come from the company Irina Teles Photography, which is considered the author. They are protected by copyright. The contractual partner is entitled to use the photos produced without any restrictions in terms of time, place, or content in an unchanged form for private purposes. Permission to use is only deemed to have been granted once the agreed fee has been paid in full.


1.3 Commercial use is not permitted

The use of the photos for commercial purposes is prohibited. What is meant is the use of the photos for a business / service provider / shop etc. The images may not be sold to third parties or passed on for commercial use.


1.4 Publication of Photos by Customer

With every publication (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, blog) the attribution of the author to Irina Teles Photography is mandatory. Best as follows:

Instagram: Image Credit: @irinateles_photography

Facebook, Blogs & Others: Irina Teles Photography


1.5 Competitions

Photos by Irina Teles Photography may not be submitted in photo competitions.


1.6 Image Releases by Irina Teles Photography

The customer(s) acknowledge that their images may be published in the online portfolio for the purpose of advertising Irina Teles Photography.

Images with recognizable people will only be published on social media or a blog with consent published by the person depicted.


1.7 Online Gallery and Image Delivery

- All images are supplied in a password-protected online gallery for independent download. The contractual partner decides for himself to whom he gives the password. The gallery is online for 3 months from the publication date and can be extended if necessary.

- The images are delivered as JPEG files in High resolution for printing and Low resolution for web utilization.

- No RAW files or unedited images will be provided.


1.8 Image Archiving

The customer is responsible for a data backup of his pictures after delivery. Irina Teles Photography assumes no liability for lost images after delivery.



2. Photoshoot


2.1 Services

Dates and locations are fixed between the client and the photographer.


2.2 Terms of Payment

The registration for the photo shoot is binding with the submission of the registration form. A deposit of CHF 75.- for the definitive appointment reservation is due at the same time as the registration. In case of cancellation of the appointment by the customer, the deposit will be retained as a processing fee.

2.3 Cancellation conditions in the event of withdrawal by the customer

Up to 14 days before the Photo shoot: the Photo shoot can be cancelled without further costs with the loss of the deposit.

From 7 to 13 days before the Photo shoot: 80% of the costs will be charged to the client.

Less than 7 days before the Photo shoot: 100% of the costs will be charged to the client.


If the participant terminates the Photo shoot prematurely, no refund can be given.


In the event of cancellation for reasons for which you are not responsible (sudden serious illness, accident, injury to the animal) with appropriate proof (e.g. medical certificate), a new Photo shoot date will be offered. If this is not accepted, the same cancellation fees listed in Section 2 Paragraph 2.3 are charged.


2.4 Postponement due to adverse weather

The Photo shoot takes place in almost any weather. Exceptions are thunderstorms, heavy continuous rain or snowfall and strong wind. The assessment of feasibility rests solely with Irina Teles Photography. If one of the weather events mentioned above occurs, the Photo shoot date will be postponed in consultation with the customer. If this is not accepted, the same cancellation fees listed in Section 2 Paragraph 2.3 are charged.


2.4.1 The photographer cannot guarantee sunshine on Photo shoot dates. The customer agrees that the appointment can take place even if the sky is cloudy. If the customer cancels the appointment due to cloudy skies, cancellation fees will be charged in accordance with Section 2 Paragraph 2.3.

2.5 Reimbursement of Expenses

The costs already paid will be reimbursed if one of the following events occurs: The Photo shoot is cancelled by Irina Teles Photography without an alternative date.


2.6 Animal Health

If, in the opinion of the photographer, the animal is ill or injured, he may stop the shoot. This also applies to acts of violence or abuse of the animal. Should any of these occur, travel fees and the full amount of the Photo shoot will be charged.


2.7 Liability

The photographer is not liable for force majeure (sudden illness, flight cancellation, traffic accident, etc.). The photographer is also not liable for material losses through no fault of their own (defects in the technology used, etc.) and the associated impossibility of taking further pictures. Compensation for any indirect damage is excluded. If one of the events mentioned above occurs, the Photo shoot date will be postponed in consultation with the customer. If this is not accepted, the same cancellation fees listed in Section 2 Paragraph 2.3 are charged.



3. Photographer's Performance


3.1 Scheduled delivery dates and deadlines for handing over the images are always non-binding and only binding if they have been expressly agreed in writing (e-mail is sufficient) as a fixed date. The photographer usually delivers his work within 3-6 working weeks.




Applicable law and place of jurisdiction: Swiss law applies

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