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Irina Teles

Photo by Sarah Stangl from

About me

My name is Irina Teles. I was born in Portugal and when I was a child I dreamed of being a veterinarian. I've always loved all the animals, and from an early age I started volunteering at dog shelters in Portugal.


My path did not lead me to be a vet but to be a baker. Another one of my passions. When I wasn't surrounded by animals, I spent my time preparing cakes at my parents' house. I can still smell the freshly baked cake!


I then took a course in bakery and pastry and later went to the Hospitality and Tourism School of Lisbon. After completing the course, I have been working as a pastry chef in several restaurants and hotels. It was here that another passion arose. Photography!


I started by photographing my creations in the kitchen. At the same time I also started traveling more and using photography to save my memories and show my parents where I went.


But this great passion became more serious when Wagner, my French Bulldog, entered my life. Since he was my first dog, I wanted to keep every moment recorded. I started investing in new cameras and lenses, as well as several courses and workshops. In photography, we are constantly learning and evolving. Now the time has come to join this two passions of mine, Photography and animals.

Training and Workshops

  • Fascination Alpine Lakes and Mirror Photos at Grimselpass with Sarah Stangl from - August 2021


  • Basiscourse in Dog Photography with Sarah Stangl from - January 2021

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